‎~"Omnia vincit Amor: et nos cedamus Amori." translation: "Love conquers all; yield we too to love!"~ Eclogue X by Virgil

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I can’t fall back asleep…. just laying here remembering the times w my gpa when I would wake up, right about now actually, to go fishing. He would always joke that I wouldn’t wake up for it cuz I loved my sleep so much, but every time I would set my alarm and be immediately wide awake. He would come pick me up and we would drive into town for the bait shop, only to realize we were a little early, so we killed time then was finally able to go out to the lake/dam to fish.
Just catch and release for the most part by I loved every second of it. Just being out there with him, all the serenity of the water, it was really nice.
A lot of my fondest memories involve him and/or my gma. Them and my mom.
I guess at 5am, my brain just likes to decide to go on a feel train….